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All living organisms have a "vibrational energy system." This includes chakras, electromagnetic fields auras, and meridians. Using the appropriate crystals, we can re-tune and re-balance these energies, thus improving well-being and giving the body a chance to relax, which in turn aids the body's natural healing abilities and immune system.


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Welcome to the Aura of Crystals where we explore healing using the powers of crystals, gemstones, and minerals.

Aura of Crystals is pleased to provide you with all of the tools you need to embark on your healing journey with crystals and gemstones.

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Crystals have been attributed with many spiritual, metaphysical, medicinal, and magical qualities over the years. Our Ancestors have used crystals and gemstones as a form of healing for thousands of years in this dimension and others.

Crystals have continued to be a preferred method of healing because of their holistic nature, working with all parts of the body, mind, and spirit. Throughout time, humans have used crystals for adornment, ritual, healing, as talismans, and in ceremonies.

Healers, priests and spiritual seekers have continually been drawn to the special powers of crystals. Now in this Aquarian Age, humans have “rediscovered” this ancient healing art.

A Little Background – And An All Too Common Problem.

Aura of Crystals is here to help as many people as possible create a more positive and abundant life.  Alternative and Holistic remedies use crystal energy to keep their energy flow high and connected to oneness.

Through our studies, we have recognized a common problem that people face when trying to create a positive and abundant life.

Most people find it challenging to stay positive and fully energized 50% of the time, never mind 100% of the time.

The funny thing is that when we talk to people who attend spiritual courses and classes or have read books on these subjects and applied knowledge. Still, find it challenging to be positive and fully energized 100% of the time.

The reason for this is that they would not have the time or discipline to carry on their daily program, missing days of their spiritual schedule because of unforeseen commitments. It even got to the extent that the majority of them did not carry on with the courses or classes, or apply the knowledge for more than one to two months before giving up totality. They would repeat this process time and time, which tends to become expensive, attaining slow results if any at all, resulting in a breakdown of their positive energy flow.

The secret of attaining Love, Wealth, Health and Abundance into your life

To achieve all your dreams and goals is much simpler than you can imagine.

We’re going to let you into a powerful secret. There is one thing that is going to bring your dreams and goals to fruition attaining you Love, Wealth, Health and Abundance, and that is oneness energy around and inside you.

Successful spiritual teachers understand that the key to achieving your dreams and goals is a constant flow of infinite love energy.

Regardless of how much spiritual or self-help classes and courses you have attended or books you have read, if you can’t keep a steady stream of Oneness energy (infinite love) in and around you, you will battle to attain your dreams and goals.

The energy that you are is the life that you create around you.

Fortunately, there is a powerful solution to this lack of positive energy flow problem. Using healing crystal energy correctly is a  tool that’s guaranteed to give an ongoing flow of infinite love energy and substantially increase the flow of positive energy in and around you, resulting in a fast acceleration of your dreams and goals manifesting at the same time, exterminating negativity and self-sabotage cycles.

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DEVELOP A DAILY SPIRITUAL PROGRAM – working on ourselves simply is not enough to keep our energy high and positive. After our meditation, yoga or daily spiritual program, etc. We go out into the world, where we are bombarded and confronted with negative energy such as fear, stress, and anger depleting our energy. We get so wrapped up in what is happening in our lives, that by the middle of the day our energy is depleted so severely that the rest of the day becomes unbearable negative, self-sabotaging all our dreams and goals that we manifested in the morning. We carry on with this pattern day after day being stuck in the same negative cycle.
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Attract Abundance

Take responsibility for your life and change it into a life of Love, Wealth, Health, and Abundance.
If you think this is impossible to achieve, then you are mistaken. Crystal energy is the solution for you, your home, or business.
Crystal Energy focuses on recreating you with an extremely positive and powerful Mind, Body and Spirit that integrates and breaks down negative cycles and old patterns attracting Love, Wealth, Health, and Abundance into your life.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Vicell Mei

Vicell Mei, Etsy Order

Seller contacted me to make the bracelet fit me properly. The customization and attention to details are superb. Would buy again from seller. This time, I purchased 2 extra plus a bracelet set.

Emily Banks

Emily Banks, Etsy Order

I wish I could give more than five stars!!! The piece of jet I received was BEAUTIFUL! The free stone of the month was such a great surprise. And the shipping was SUPER fast. Thank you Aura of Crystals! Can’t wait to place my next order!! 🙂

Crystal Silva

Crystal Silva, Etsy Order

Everything was packaged so very nicely! A reminder of each stone was given in it’s own little bag. They took that extra touch with the packaging. The stones are beautiful! After cleaning I connect very well with them. I am so pleased 🙂 Thank you so much!

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