Want To Stimulate Good Luck, Success, Prosperity, And Even Defend Against Negative Influences?

Discover 14 natural herbs which can improve your good luck, boost your success, prosperity, and abundance.  Here is a list of 14 herbs and 13 crystals that do just that:

Why 14 herbs?   First, the number 14 is known to be a message asking you to keep strong, stand fast, and remain focused.  It is usually a sign from your angels that they are here and ready to assist you with manifesting your true desires.  Second, these particular 14 herbs work hand and hand with the 13 healing crystals we include our Prosperity Garden Manifestation Candle to help with your intentions on manifesting your goals and aspirations.

  1. MINT – to keep your money flowing smoothly; prevent bad luck and other obstacles from interfering with your goals and success
  2. GINGER – used to “speed things up” or to cause plans to come to fruition quickly; for power and success
  3. PEPPER – used to give protection, to get rid of negativity; keep away negative people
  4. BASIL – helps steady the mind, brings happiness, love, peace, and aid in attracting money and prosperity
  5. SAGE – protection and the granting of wishes
  6. CLOVE – money drawing and good luck
  7. LEMON – aids in accepting the changes in life and improves the sense of good fortune
  8. CINNAMON – draw love, happiness, and money
  9. COLTSFOOT – attract more money and good fortune
  10. MARJORAM – draws wealth
  11. THYME – ensures a constant flow of money; good luck
  12. NUTMEG – for prosperity
  13. MUGWORT – open your third eye to your visions and dreams
  14. SHHH (This last one is our proprietary herb to round out our blend) – for success, mindset, manifestation, and attracting wealth

13 Healing Crystals for Success and money


Contrary to popular myth, the number 13 is not an unlucky number.  The number 13 is a sign that you are connected to the universe and its ability to manifest your desires.  Allow the energy of these 13 healing crystals to protect, amplify, and attract the prosperity you deserve.

  1. CLEAR QUARTZ – the most powerful healing stone; known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention
  2. CLEAR CALCITE – Clarity, Clearing, Law of Attraction, manifestation, Amplification
  3. GREEN CALCITE – used to assist in the manifestation process; allowing that what has been manifested will be received
  4. CITRINE – attracting professional success and wealth; abundance, manifestation
  5. PYRITE – known as a stone of luck, helping to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user, via its creative energies of manifestation; enhance one’s will during challenging times and supports the action necessary for personal growth and success
  6. TIGERS EYE – brings good luck and prosperity to the user; attracts abundance
  7. EMERALD – used to attract prosperity, abundance, amplification of hope and encouragement
  8. AFRICAN JADE – an abundance and prosperity stone; can increase business, or bring luck in starting a new enterprise
  9. AMAZONITE – a “Stone of Success and Abundance”, attracting focus and good luck.
  10. GREEN MOSS AGATE – helps to release old habits and promote forgiveness; it also attracts wealth and abundance, improves self-esteem, and helps to calm and release fears
  11. AMBER CALCITE – enhances creativity; amplifies energy, helping one to relax into life and create a state of allowing
  12. SUNSTONE – helps your personal power to “shine”; known as a stone of good luck; increases vitality and energy
  13. CARNELIAN – a stone of creativity, motivation, and courage, and is said to attract prosperity and good luck.

When I researched and designed our Prosperity Garden Manifestation candle, it wasn’t even an item for sale. It was for a loved one.  But, I just had to share.  The real beauty is that once the candle has burned out, you can place the gemstones in a strainer and rinse off the wax.  You will definitely want a strainer, because there are stones in each layer of candle from the bottom of the bowl to the ones you see on top.   If you don’t purchase the candle, you can collect the stones individually, then place them in one of our manifestation and intention boxes or your own.  You can make the herb potion and place in your intention box or carry with you in one of our healing crystal carry pouches.

However you decide to amp up intentions, this selection of herbs and crystals for success and money will put you on the right path. As an added bonus, there are 27 items listed above and in our candle.  The number 27 is a message to believe in yourself, your intuitive messages, and your inner gut.

Stay blessed!


The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. ― Marcus Aurelius

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