Alternative Medicine Vs Complementary Healing: 4 Strategies

Four Therapies That Rather Than Being Alternative, Are Regarded As Complementary To Orthodox Medicine

1. Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a holistic therapy where crystals are used as a tool to help create wholeness, balance, and health on levels of body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Crystals can shape and focus healing energies according to need. It is also a fact that each crystal carries a specific vibration, made up of its outer form, mineral content, color, and inner geometry. By introducing the correct crystals into a client’s energy field, they can help him, or she regain the necessary balance needed for health and well-being.

2. Spiritual (Energy) Healing

Spiritual or Energy Healing is also a natural holistic therapy. A healer will serve as a channel to direct beneficial energies into the auric field of a client where they may help clear disturbances or blockages on the necessary levels. By addressing the cause of any emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance, physical disease can often be prevented. Healing can also be very beneficial to help ease existing symptoms or to assist those who have a terminal illness.

3. Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies are widely known and have proven to be a beneficial complementary therapy for over seventy years. There are 38 remedies (plus the well-known Rescue Remedy), each of which contains positive aspects of specific negative emotions or states of mind. By introducing these positive vibrations into the Human Energy field, the causes of existing adverse conditions are addressed so healing can take place.

4. Stress Therapy

Nowadays, stress is one of the leading causes of disease. Stress therapy aims to help clients to recognize stress at its source and thereby be able to effectively deal with it before it results in physical or other symptoms.

Modern day life has become more and more complicated due to a number of factors such as more pressure at work, intense competitiveness, inflation, unemployment, changes in values, etc. This has resulted in the fact that, although not always recognized, stress is now one of the main causes of disease — equally, most of today’s workforce experience minor or severe stress-related illness at some stage.
The physical body consists of energy. Stress is a negative energy. If allowed to accumulate and not released, it will find its way to the weakest points in the body’s structure and eventually manifest as physical illness. It also adversely affects the immune system. Stress, although not necessarily the only cause of disease, is more often than not the trigger that sets it off. Being ill will also contribute to stress, and so a vicious circle is set into motion.

Since stress is also a natural human condition, most of us do not take notice or are in denial when it builds up, and symptoms start to develop. This process can take months or sometimes years, and we therefore often do not recognize the signs or brush them aside until the problem is well out of hand. Serious ill health may then result. When this happens, it can take a long time to fully recover. It is, therefore, best to prevent this from happening!

Stress therapy is a mind & body program, which aims to help clients recognize stress at its source and thereby be able to effectively control and/or deal with it before it results in physical or other symptoms. Clients are taught a set of specific techniques and given help and healing for existing stress patterns. This valuable complementary therapy can be beneficial to anyone. It can also be very effectively combined with energy & crystal healing and Bach Flower Remedies.

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