For every month, there is always a corresponding birthstone which is often turned into jewelry, adornments, embellishments, and ornaments. These gemstones are believed to have mystical and healing effects on the wearer. It was during the first century that Josephus, a Jewish historian, discovered and established a connection between the twelve stones on Aaron’s breastplate, a priestly breastplate worn by High Priests of the early Israelites stated in the book of Exodus in the Bible that represent the 12 tribes of Israel, to the twelve months of the year and their zodiac signs. Its historical background involves the Foundation Stones of Christianity and the said breastplate.

Today, the birthstone’s definitions and symbolism have drifted away from their historical origins. Modernity has changed the taste, culture, and translation of the birthstones. Involved in the most recent effort to standardize birthstones are the American National Association of Jewellers, Jewellery Industry Council of America, and Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths.

Today we focus on one of the most popular and sought after gemstones in the world and the birth month it represents.


Diamond is the birthstone of those born in April. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek word, adamas which means unbreakable, invincible, unalterable and proper. Diamonds are chemically made up of pure carbon and vary from colorless to black, in transparent, translucent and opaque forms. The colorless and pale blue pieces are the most valuable because of their rarity. Fancy diamonds, which are extremely rare, are that colored red, blue, yellow, violet, and green. Diamonds have ever since been the market’s favorite because of its superior hardness and high dispersion of light, unique intrinsic value, and beauty.

This gemstone or crystal is such a highly valued commodity that there are numerous organizations founded to grade and certify the Diamond pieces according to color, cut, clarity, and carat. The purer the stone and the higher the carat weight, the more valuable it becomes. In conclusion, it is its hardness, the hardest among all the naturally made substances known, its magnificence in beauty, durability, rarity, and its sparkle what makes the Diamond the unsurpassed among all the gemstones. In recent evaluations, Russia, Botswana, Congo, Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Guinea, Ghana, Australia, and Canada are the top ten Diamond producing countries in the world.


Considering Diamond’s characteristics and the numerous mystical, therapeutic, and healing benefits to be discussed, the luckiest babies are those born in April for it is the month that the said gemstone represents. The Diamond is thought to bring everlasting love, courage, lightning in metaphysical form, assistance in operational issues, and rejuvenate spiritual progress. It is also a gemstone perfect for alleviating relationship disputes and further strengthening the fire of romance. The Diamond facilitates healing of illnesses and diseases related to the brain and hormonal imbalances. It is a talisman worn on the left ring finger and a sign of lasting and eternal love, explaining why it is popularly used on engagement and wedding rings.

Continuously wearing this gemstone during April will magnify its mystical powers. But for fuller effects, the April baby is suggested to own 12 different pieces of diamonds to wear alternately every month.