It’s a new year, and a new decade, January means everyone has New Year’s resolutions running through their brains. While these resolutions are challenging but fun to make, they rarely last throughout the year. Sadly, for many, they rarely continue throughout the month. That’s where healing crystals can help you break the pattern. The high positive, energetic vibrations of these healing crystals for new beginnings, assist you in committing to positive, long-lasting change!

Starting fresh can be both exhilarating and a little uncomfortable. In the effort to establish new goals, develop new habits, and create change, you’re leaving behind a lot of practices that you had grown accustomed to, even if they weren’t in your best interest.

Instead of letting your New Year’s resolutions fall through the cracks, use some or all of the following healing crystals to set your intentions for a new beginning.

Best Crystals for 2020

Crystals for Manifesting Goals


Tangerine Quartz

Chakras: Sacral Chakra

Motivational Properties: Increases your self-confidence and boosts motivation. Tangerine Quartz is the healing crystal that helps you get things done fast.  It propels you into a more positive vibration by raising your energy. It increases inspiration, ideas, and overall creativity and provides you the motivation needed to achieve your goals.


Chakras: Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra

Motivational Properties: Carnelian boosts drive and motivation. As an energizer, it helps release any fears which may be stopping you from moving forward with your goals.


Chakras: Root Chakra

Motivational Properties: Manifestation, Prosperity, Transformation, Unity, Self Confidence, Self-Worth, and Willpower.  Garnet is the healing crystal that will quickly “light a fire” under you.  It is a significant energizer and motivator.   As a stone of commitment, Garnet is a useful relationship tool both personally and professionally.


Chakras: All Chakras

Motivational Properties: Happiness, Positive Energy, Willpower, and Abundance.  Pyrite helps you manifest your dreams into reality. This healing crystal is a favorite for manifesting money, abundance, and overall financial freedom. The energy of Pyrite assists you in creating new habits that are more in line with what you are trying to manifest.

Clear Quartz

Chakras: All Chakras

Motivational Properties: Healing, Enhancing, Amplification.  Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies all intention and energy. Clear Quartz versatile energy is useful in a myriad of situations, making it ideal for goal setting of any kind. Don’t sleep on clear quartz’ immense power to help you manifest your goals or resolutions. This healing crystal is an amplifier of virtually any intention you can imagine.

Tigers Eye

Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra

Motivational Properties: Protection, Creativity, Balance, Vitality, Confidence, Motivation.  Tigers Eye is excellent for clearing the mind and creating clear intentions.  It is an excellent stone to heal blocked creativity and take action towards your goals. One method of using intention to attract prosperity with Tigers Eye is to surround a lit green candle with Golden Tiger Eye healing crystals.


Chakras: Heart Chakra

Motivational Properties: Rhodonite is often sought after for rediscovering one’s inner gifts.  Rhodonite is commonly used for rediscovering one’s hidden gifts and can help with making plans to achieve your goals by helping you to realize the best way of getting where you want to be. Rhodonite is a stone of power that assists in discovering your true passion and learning the brand new skills to enhance that passion. Its nurturing, supportive energy can attract the right people and situations into your life and can help you to realize your full potential.

Green Aventurine

Chakras: Heart Chakra

Motivational Properties: Healing, Abundance, Growth. Green Aventurine is an energizing stone and can help you to move forward into new situations. Green Aventurine is said to increase intelligence, perception, and creativity. Green Aventurine is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance, and success. It is said to be a stone of opportunity and can be used to manifest prosperity.


Chakras: Sacral Chakra

Motivational Properties: Joy, Vitality, Success, Empowerment. Sunstone helps to empower, and it instills confidence and optimism. Sunstone encourages motivation and affirmative, decisive action. Sunstone helps your power to ‘shine.’


Chakras: Throat Chakra

Motivational Properties:  Prosperity, Wisdom, Communication, Peace, Tranquility, Intuition. Blue Sapphire is a powerful protective stone. Also, a stone of prosperity, Sapphire, attracts joy and peace.  Blue Sapphire enhances intuition, mental clarity, and can assist in personal and spiritual growth.


Chakras: Sacral Chakra

Motivational Properties: Intuition, Inspiration, Goddess Energy, Spiritual Guidance, High Vibration.  Moonstone is a healing crystal that helps you to restructure your life at all levels. Moonstone encourages judgment and introspection, yielding to easier decision making. Moonstone also enhances your emotional vision, bringing higher creative abilities and freedom of expression.  If you are practicing the law of attraction with this stone, it will help bring your hopes and wishes to the forefront. Moonstone also calms emotions and removes all negativity from each chakra. This is extremely important if you want your goals to come to fruition.  Moonstone ensures stinking thinking, aka doubt, doesn’t creep in when setting intentions and consequently slows down or stops the whole process.


Chakras: Root Chakra

Motivational Properties:   Awareness, Intuition, Healing.  Mookaite is a very active and powerful healing stone that helps provide stability to your perspective of life by making the right decisions based on objective knowledge. Mookaite shields us from negativity and worries from past failures, which can distract us from our goals.  Mookaite helps with the release of old patterns that inhibit growth. Mookaite provides an extra boost of practical intuition. This is a characteristic that can help those who are trying to work with the Law of Attraction to bring higher ideals into reality.  Mookaite represents new beginnings, new journeys, and new creations.


Chakras: Third-Eye Chakra

Motivational Properties:  Balance, Awareness, Transition.  Known as a stone of transition, Lepidolite is a healing crystal that helps to bring light and hope by restructuring and shifting old energy patterns. Lepidolite reduces stress associated with change.  Lepidolite is a powerful energy enhancer, useful for focusing or diffusing energy.


Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra

Motivational Properties:  Abundance, Emotional Balance, Chakra Cleanser, Creativity and Expression, Inspiration, Activates Will, Manifestation, Maximizes Energy Flow, Phobias, Reducing Negative Energy.   Citrine brings more creative visions to mind by activating your imagination. Citrine energizes, cleanses, and warms. Citrine is highly protective, making it an excellent tool for transmuting negative energy, heightening self-discipline, and attracting professional success and wealth.

Black Obsidian

Chakras: Root Chakra

Motivational Properties: Grounding, Protection, Shielding.  Black Obsidian is a Stone of Manifestation.  It is an important crystal to incorporate when wishing to manifest anything. Black Obsidian sharpens your focus and brings new opportunities.  Black Obsidian shields you against negativity that may deaden self-belief by cutting through ties and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Clear Calcite

Chakras: Crown Chakra

Motivational Properties: Amplifying, Calming, Clarity, Clearing, Dispel or Release Negativity, Energy Shifts, Hope, Laziness, Motivation, Positivity, and Optimism, Reducing Stress or Tension.  Clear Calcite is a powerful and energizing stone helpful for those who are learning about the Law of Attraction and manifestation.  Clear Calcite clears away negative energy, amplifies positive energy, maximizes your potential, and helps remove fear-based emotions, bringing more optimism into one’s experience. Clear Calcite can amplify intent and can be programmed for a specific purpose. Clear Calcite can help one to see past errors and ways to correct them for benefit in the future, making you achieve all that you set out to achieve. Clear Calcite will remove any desire to procrastinate, to be unproductive, and to be slow.  In general, it will help you combat your laziness.  Clear Calcite crystals can also help you get rid of bad habits, patterns, and behaviors.  Clear Calcite can increase prosperity and abundance by removing old beliefs and patterns that prevent the flow of prosperity into your life.

Aligning Chakras With Crystals

There are two primary ways to make sure you have the right crystal for the job. First, make sure if working on chakras, the crystal corresponds with that chakra. To truly make sure you become the best possible you, living, your best life, the seven primary chakras must be addressed in your goal setting.

Crown Chakra: Associated with Faith, Inspiration, Spirituality, Selflessness, Enlightenment, Personal Growth.

Third Eye Chakra: Associated with Intuition, Psychic Abilities, and Intellect.

Throat Chakra: Associated with Communication and Self-Expression.

Heart Chakra: Associated with Love, Forgiveness, Joy, and Hope.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Associated with Personal Power, Abundance, and Self Esteem.

Sacral Chakra: Associated with Money, Power, and Sexuality.

Root Chakra: Associated with Protection, Grounding, and Stability.

Programming Your Crystals

2 Keys To Achieving Your Goals

Your New Year’s Resolutions can be obtained with some effort.  These goals can and should drive you forward. There are two simple keys to achieving your goals when using healing crystals.

Put Your Goals in Writing

Now that we know what each chakra addresses, and we’ve made sure the healing crystal aligns with its chakra, we need to program the stone by setting our intention.  You can hold the crystal, close your eyes and state your intention.  You can write down your intentions on a note card, in a journal, or paper placed in your intention box.  We suggest both written and verbal.

Make Your Goals Specific

Crystal intentions amplify the beneficial effects of the law of attraction. Programming your crystals is a way of connecting with it and agreeing on a primary purpose. An intention is most effective when it is clear and specific. You may ask for assistance, guidance, and protection to facilitate you in programming your crystals. Give your crystal precise directions to permit it to use its energies of stability, transformation, and attunement. For example, do you want to use the crystal for meditation, healing, manifestation, better communication, etc.? Remember to use your intuition and use only positive thoughts to program your crystals.

Yes, you can unleash the staying power of your New Year’s resolutions with crystals for new beginnings.  Using crystals for manifestation can help you achieve your goals and desires faster and with greater purpose and intensity. Crystal healing unblocks the negative patterns by raising the vibrational frequency of the energy field that surrounds your body.  Healing crystals come in many different colors, sizes, and types.  Crystals can be used as tools to amplify and cleanse energy from the environment. Used correctly, they can restore motivation while accelerating your development and growth.




The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. ― Marcus Aurelius

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