Boost Your Energy Fitness Levels

What is energy? What is fitness?

We often think that our energy comes only from our food intake. Proper diet and good breathing give us energy for life. Some say the breath is the key to life. Without it, we die.

Proper breathing and clean air makes us feel calm, alive, fit, and centered. It is the key to our activity levels, moods in our life, and our general health and fitness.

Here we discuss critical benefits of healing energy arts that focus on the breath such as taichi and yoga.

You will find simple changes can be made in your life to increase and maintain your energy levels.

A few good deep breaths of clean air, clean our Lungs, pumps oxygen to the brain, cleans our blood, and lifts our spirits and gives us all the energy we need!

The most energetic times of the day are 6 am sunrise and sunset when the trees and sun combine to give off massive energy release. Everybody knows what an enjoyable experience these times can be!

What we are experiencing here is healing energy de-charging into nature. Natural surroundings accept our stale, used energy, and transform it into life-giving energy once more. Isn’t that wonderful! It is automatic and vital to our happiness and health.

Sadly More often than not, our breath is the quick short breath panting ideal our stressful living environment, living away from nature.

Here’s a Quick test…

Without changing your position, I assume you are sitting the computer.

  • Place two hands on your chest with the fingers loosely interlocked.
  • Breath in and breath out.
  • Your hands should move outwards, and the fingers separate and your chest rise.

If they don’t, you are not breathing optimally. The whole thing should only take a minute that’s the beauty of this technique. It can be done anywhere! In the office, in the car, at home, on the PC, on the train even!

Circles Exercise

  • Now sit up, shoulders back, stomach out. Turn the hands outwards and move your arms up until they are at eye level.
  • As if you are embracing a tree. Continue upwards, move them above your head as you breathe in.
  • Note Breath steadily through the nose; place your tongue lightly behind your top teeth.
  • Pause for a second and stretch the arms and fingers still intertwined. Now let out your breath slowly again through the nose as you bring the hands around in a circle slowly to the sides of your thighs. Bring the hands up to rest in front of the chest again.
  • That’s one circle movement completed — repeat six circles.
  • Each time try to move slower and breathe deeper and longer.

Now place your hands over your closed eyes. Wherever you now focus inside your body. Notice your breath. Listen to your heart, to your blood pumping. Realize every day this goes on. Be appreciative of it. Now how do you feel? You feel calmer now, right? You feel Good Now, right? You feel much better than before.

Suggested Affirmations

I am grateful for all I have in my life I am powerful, and I am Peaceful, I am strong I am relaxed, I love myself I can handle anything I am committed to achieving all my Goals

You are now in an excellent state. Here are some examples of what you can say to intensify your feelings and sense of Connection with Your true Self.

Take time out of your day to do this.

I am grateful for all I have in my life I am powerful, and I am Peaceful, I am strong I am relaxed, I love myself I can handle anything I am committed to achieving all my Goals

Create abundance in your life today!

Welcome to the world of stillness and meditation.

This state can be induced whenever you like.

Aromatherapy candles help. They promote unwinding and relaxation.

What’s more, they are beautiful and enhance the home. Floating Lights: Floating Candles and More! Give your body the Right Fuel! Lay off the cheeseburgers! Buy a juicer.  Drink More Clean Water (not iced) say eight glasses a day Eat more fresh fruit. That’s it! Simple and instantly achievable.

Try not to eat a heavy meal in the evening that way you can sleep well and awake refreshed.

Fresh fruit and Water

Fruit is the perfect food.

It’s packed with Vitamins and Energy.

Fruit boosts the immune system and aids digestion. Water well it affects everything.

It cools us down and cleans all our organs.

It removes toxins from the blood and alleviates headaches.

It softens the skin and the joints.

Water is not the most exciting drink but if you combine a juicer with it, ah now that’s nice and refreshing.

It’s very healthy, an excellent tonic and energy burst!

Fruit is pure natural energy that we can quickly assimilate into our bodies…

This will make a difference in your daily life. These two things are the perfect food for your body. Your body will become an efficient machine and a super robust immune system that rarely breaks down.




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