Can Meditation Hold The Key To Transforming Your Life?

Meditation and Meditating are becoming more and more popular and there is a reason behind this. Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it. Millions of people, many of whom don’t even own crystals, practice it every day. Why? Because Meditation works.  Meditation improves our achievements and how we can develop hidden capabilities and talents that we had forgotten we possess. Achieve more with less effort that is the essence of Meditation! We provide a free online meditation timer that allows you to customize your routine and drift away.  Find the right balance of simplicity on any device to time a meditation, yoga, or massage session.


Perhaps you are wondering which meditation technique is for you. Alternatively, like most people, you think that you are too busy to incorporate a meditation technique into your busy schedule. The good news is that meditation does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. You can reap the benefits of meditation with short, simple meditation techniques such as “Breathing Meditation” or a “Mantra Meditation.” Alternatively, you can just sit back and relax and let Dr. Michelle do all the work, as you listen to one of her guided meditations mp3 recordings.

Once you begin and commit to, a meditation technique, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference it will make to the quality of your life. Soon you will discover that by taking short meditation breaks, you can quickly feel as refreshed as if you have had a “mini-vacation.”

Additionally, if you stick with your meditation technique over a long time, you will slowly notice negative mental patterns fade away. Eventually, a renewed sense of vitality will appear as well a burst of creativity that you don’t even realize that you have! Your ability to cope with stress will improve, and you will make better decisions, which will lead to increased productivity.

Soon you will see that the time you spend with your meditation technique is a wise investment, and will allow you to accomplish more with considerably less time, stress, and effort.

Let me take this opportunity to share with you some of the many known benefits of meditation, regardless of the meditation technique that you choose.  It is my wish that scanning this list will motivate you towards incorporating meditation into your routine and find the right meditation technique that will stay with you for many years.

Depending on the meditation technique that you choose, meditation can be practiced anywhere at any time! Apart from an MP·3 player and a quiet place, it requires no complicated equipment and is not difficult to learn. Best of all, meditation techniques have NO negative side effects. Bottom line, there is nothing but positive to be gained from meditation!

With such a huge list of benefits to meditation, the question you should ask yourself is, “why am I not meditating yet?”.

If you need a point to start from, you might consider trying a guided meditation mp3 download from the list above. They are easy to use and can provide you with a good foundation from which to begin your practice.

I hope that reviewing this list gives you a small dose of motivation towards adding simple meditation techniques to your daily routine so that you can experience the many benefits for yourself.

Is Meditating different?

What Meditation and our hobbies have in common is that during these activities, we focus on one thing. We lose ourselves entirely in what we are doing, and that is something that our body and our mind enjoy very much. We give our mind a rest, and we can enjoy a break amidst those 60,000 lines of thought that we usually go through from day to day. So: our hobbies are excellent for our mental relaxation. However, Meditation goes further and more profound than most people think. When Meditating, we are training our spiritual powers, whereas when we are, for example, practicing sports, we are only training our physical capabilities. Let us sum up the differences between Meditating and practicing our hobbies:

  1. When practicing our hobbies, we do not prepare ourselves in concentration, focusing, and self-consciousness.
  2. In most cases, we do not become observers of our mind. We do not get any insight into our character, and we do not learn how to accept things without judging. In contrast to what happens when we are practicing sports, we do not suppress our emotions and our feelings when we are Meditating. We open up to our emotions and feelings and learn how to deal with them. All of these are qualities that in the long run, will make our mind more structured and quieter. In other words: hobbies give you temporary relaxation, Meditating a lasting one.
  3. When we are practicing sports, we are usually out to get results — doing your best to win, improving your achievements, or improving your body have nothing to do with relaxation. Perfectionism, being out to get results and trying to achieve goals often result in experiencing stress, and that is exactly what we want to avoid.
  4. When we practice Meditating, we can become relaxed whenever we feel the need to. Moreover, this is not the case with hobbies or sports. We can use the techniques of mediation at any time and any place…. In the office, at the toilet, in the train, queuing up at the baker’s, during dull meetings, etc. Have you ever enjoyed playing basketball while brushing your teeth?
  5. Scientific research has demonstrated that during activities that are centered around Meditating alpha and theta brain waves are incredibly active. This is remarkable because, during these activities, we are awake, focused, and productive, and yet we activate a situation of rest for body and mind. This situation of rest is essential for the recovery of our body cells, the building up of reserves against stress, and our growth. This combination of brain waves is never seen during the practicing of sports, walking, or fishing. From this, we can conclude that the effect of relaxation caused by Meditation is much stronger than the impact caused by other activities in which we are strongly focused.
  6. If you cannot make your mind calm and peaceful without your favorite hobbies or pastime, you probably suffer from some form of inner unrest. It is human to seek pleasure and to try to avoid pain. Our present society is focused on doing things to achieve things and feeling fine. Meditating teaches you how to find your the way in this pursuit. We become happy by BEING something instead of DOING something.
  7. Meditating is powerful support for your hobbies. Even if you are only interested in the results: no matter what you do, you gain better results when you meditate. Meditating is a natural drug for achieving the best possible results. Your heightened mental powers give you a better focus and ability of concentration. Clear thinking results in better decisions, more creativity, and less wasting of energy. By Meditating you make it easier for yourself to reach the highest possible level of experiencing success and achievement ( often called a sensation of “flow” or in the world of sportsmen “being in the zone” )

Meditating and practicing our hobbies go well together. Both are effective if we want to relax, and both make us happier. The only difference is that Meditating gives us a more lasting type of rest and a more profound feeling of relaxation compared to other activities in which we are firmly focused. Meditating leads to the activating of your mental powers. You have nothing to lose, give yourself a chance, and give Meditating a try for a specified period. You will discover that both your own body and your mind, as well as your colleagues in your sports team, your sports coach, your fishing-rod, the golf players that walk right behind you on the green and the people in your immediate surroundings,  will be very grateful to you!

Why is Meditating different?

Many people are fond of running, fishing, cooking, making music, kitesurfing, snowboarding, cycling, etc. At first sight, this looks a little strange, because these activities usually do not give us money or fame. What we are after is the exceptionally high quality of the feelings that we experience during our hobbies. Our hobbies give us a sense of great satisfaction, our minds become clear and most of all: we experience much pleasure. So: why should you start practicing Meditation if you can already relax quite well when you are playing tennis or working in your garden?

When can I expect the Positive Effects of Meditation?

The effects of Meditation are felt almost immediately.  After each session, you will feel more clear and calmer even. For many people, Meditating is great because it makes you feel fine straight away. However, most structural changes will come your way as soon as you meditate regularly for a longer period.

Do not forget that many behavior patterns and physical processes are the results of years of living in a certain way. Changes in your blood pressure, muscle tension, the way you deal with pain and stress, inner calmness etcetera just require time. For some people, the first structural changes appear after a few days or weeks, but for other people, it may take months before their body or their mind changes.

When the long-term advantages of Meditation come your way, this often happens subtly. You notice that you need less sleep, you feel very happy now and then without knowing the reason or you are complimented by a friend because he has noticed that lately, you have been so relaxed and so much less irritable than before. Meditating is not difficult.

  • Try to meditate for a more extended period every day and trust that the results will automatically come your way. In any case, you can count on it that after each session, you will feel a lot more relaxed, and you are sure to notice changes in the quality of your life in the long run.
  • Do not forget to maintain your Meditation discipline when you start to experience the advantages. It stands to reason that when you meditate less frequently or even stop Meditating, many of the benefits will disappear from your life over time.

However, do not worry about that!

Experience shows that once you have reached this stage and fully enjoy Meditation, and its positive effects, the chance that you give up is minimal. Good luck!

Remember to practice smiling in the Mirror!

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