A Healing Approach To Chakras & Auras

Chakras are vortices of energy found in the aura, or energy field, of the human body. These energy centers act as satellites to the universe, taking in energy, using it to influence the mind, the body, and the spirit, and then returning it to the universe. Each chakra rules a specific section of the physical body, particular emotions, and particular aspects of one’s spiritual self. There are seven major chakras found along the spine, but there are many other minor chakras located throughout the physical body.

In crystal healing, the seven chakra system is most commonly used. However, many minor chakras can be used under particular circumstances. The crystal’s healing energy influences all of these chakras during a healing session, but the energy is typically more precisely directed to the body’s seven main energy centers.

Please Note: The seven most commonly known chakras have been numbered 1-7. Other minor chakras have been bulleted. This listing appears in order from the base of the spine toward the crown of the head.

– Gaia Gateway Chakra
– Earth Star Chakra
1. Root/Base/Perineum/Muladhara Chakra
– Coccygeal Chakra
2. Sacral/Pubic/Spleenic/Pelvic/Swadhisthana Chakra
– Navel/Sea of Chi’i/Door of Life Chakra
3. Solar Plexus/Diaphragmatic/Power/Manipura Chakra
– Lower Heart/Sacred Heart Chakra
4. Middle Heart/Shoulder Blades/Anahata chakra
– Higher Heart/Ascending Heart/Thymus Chakra
– Base of Throat/Base of Neck Chakra
5. Throat/Will/Back of Neck/Vishudda Chakra
– Zeal Point Chakra/Mouth of God/Talu/Lalana Chakra
6. Third Eye/3rd Eye/Brow/Ajna Chakra
– Manas Chakra
– Indu Chakra
– Upper Forehead Chakra
7. Crown/Sahasrara Chakra
– Golden Crown Chakra (Gateway Chakra)
– Causal Chakra (Gateway Chakra)
– Soul Star Chakra (Gateway Chakra)
– Stellar Gateway Chakra (Gateway Chakra)

The chakras also correspond to particular auric realms (layers of the energy body).
Please Note: This listing appears in order from the innermost layer toward the outermost layer of the aura:

  • Physical body
  • Etheric body
  • Emotional body
  • Mental/Vital body
  • Astral body
  • Etheric Template
  • Celestial body
  • Causal/Ketheric/Intuitive Body

An Exercise for Aura Health:

One should strengthen and protect the aura in various everyday life situations. One should especially strengthen the aura if he or she knows that he or she will encounter an individual that will drain his or her energy, as this is extremely detrimental to the auric body. This should also be done if one knows that he or she will have to spend time in a negative energy environment or deal with a situation surrounded by negative energies and emotions.

To protect the aura, one should close off their energy body to others by engaging in the protective posture (feet crossed at the ankles and with thumbs and fingers touching).

To strengthen and energize the aura, one can undertake the nostril breathing technique. In this technique, the breath is used to strengthen the auric field and to balance the mind and the physical body. This technique is performed by alternating one’s breaths, breathing in through one nostril and then out of the other.

To begin the technique, hold the nostrils between your thumb and index finger. Place your right thumb and finger over your nostril (without squeezing) and exhale. Then connect your tongue to your palate just behind your front teeth. Next, press your thumb against the right nose to close it and inhale through your left nostril for approximately three seconds. While keeping your right nostril closed with your thumb, press your index finger onto your left nostril. Your nose should now be closed between your thumb and finger. Keep your nostrils pinched shut for approximately 15 seconds. If 15 seconds is too long for you, then reduce the time limit to the amount that you feel comfortable with. Now, remove your thumb to open your right nostril, but continue holding your left nostril closed with your index finger. Slowly release your breath through your right nostril for approximately three seconds.

Remove your right hand from your nose and place your left hand on your nostrils with your thumb pressing on your left nostril. Inhale through your right nostril for approximately three seconds and press your left index finger onto your right nostril, to close it. Hold this breath for about 15 seconds. Then, remove your thumb to open your left nostril, but continue to press your right nostril closed with your index finger. Slowly release your breath through your left nostril for approximately three seconds.

Repeat this exercise, while alternating nostrils for approximately three to five repetitions.

To purify the aura, one can perform the cleansing vortex exercise. In this exercise, one visualizes a whirlwind of cleansing, healing, white light which surrounds the entire auric body (beginning at the Causal/Ketheric Body). One should then visualize this whirlwind removing all negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy. Then, one should know that the vortex departs into the earth and this positive energy is released into the earth for the good of all beings.

Once the aura has been strengthened, protected, and cleared, one is ready to absorb the healing energy of crystals.

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