Crystals Are Developed In Various Structures and Sizes

Crystals can be developed in various structures, appearances, and different sizes. At times they can be engraved into a variety of shapes, such as triangular, rectangular, prisms or pyramids. This can be achieved either by the forces of nature or through the influence of man. Crystals are a gift of life. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that we look into the many forms by which the quartz crystals occur, either naturally or artificially. A crystal has its natural strength, which is determined by its shape. This helps crystal handlers in enhancing consideration and healing on different ranks.

Quartz is prized among crystal healers, and most use the crystal for its attractive properties. Quartz is a very common crystal on the earth’s crust, placed second after feldspar. Depending on the presence of other materials, quartz can take different colors. Pure quartz is a clear type that appears transparent and sometimes translucent. However, they are not all clear as expected as some contain regions of translucency and other additions. Clear quartz is famous for its healing and metaphysical properties. It has a strong historical background in terms of its uses. Some explain that it is ice that is intensely frozen. Clear quartz occurs in many available forms such as spheres and clusters.


This type can be used as a powerful energy booster and has well-defined healing properties. It enhances mental intelligence and perception and improves the working of the immune system. Due to its ability to drive out negative energy, it can be used for sensory protection functions. With the use of clear quartz, energy assimilation can be promoted as it keeps the delicate bodies at equilibrium. It also has a refreshing and harmonizing influence on the physical body, helping rise in power and strength of the body. They are used to make the crystal balls which aid in forecasting of the upcoming events.

This crystal has been used historically to counter magic, communicate with the spirits, and in performing magic healings disease cures. They maintain very high and thorough vibration acting as links or means for increasing and intensifying a union between two people and balancing chakra energy centers or connecting two geographical points. They are essential tools for increasing energy, increasing the energies of any crystals within a radius of four meters.

Quartz crystal has piezoelectric characteristics. These properties enabled it to be used in the ancient times in phonograph pickups. The modern use basing on these properties is the use of quartz crystals as a crystal oscillator. The latest technology employs the crystal in the making of silicon chips for computers, televisions and other man-made gadgets.

If you can hold a quartz crystal in your hand, then your magnetic field is increased. This facilitates its use in testing of muscles and provision of a shield from harmful radiations. The quartz is the purest crystal to plan for its use and can be used for a series of duties. It stores information just as a computer would do. This is the multi-purpose crystal because of its many important uses.