Developing Intuition With Indigo Crystals

Indigo Crystals: Meaning, Properties, And Metaphysical Powers

Indigo is the color of the deep midnight sky. Never use indigo stones when you’re depressed because it will enhance that negative emotion. The mystical borderland of wisdom, spiritual realization, and self-mastery are often associated with indigo crystals

Slightly opposite to the color blue (as it enhances communication with others), indigo gems stir instant understandings, profound insights and increase personal thought. Another notable difference between blue and Indigo is that blue makes you a quick thinker, while Indigo makes you spontaneous.

This is the reason why people like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and other geniuses like them are often associated with the color indigo, while people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and George Clooney are associated with the color blue.

You can use indigo crystals:

  1. To step outside of everyday life for a new and exciting way of viewing a problem
  2. The solitude and inner communication
  3. To develop intuition
  4. To focus on personal issues

Healing Properties Of Indigo Crystals

Indigo crystals create a connection to your subconscious mind, bridging the infinite and the finite. Indigo, sapphire, and azurite all belong to the indigo gemstone family, and they are used as a guide to the endless knowledge of the cosmos.

The therapeutic benefits of Indigo are to quite the doubt, and let the intuition in. We have layers of the aura both in our physical and ethereal bodies, and Indigo, as a carrier of the indigo-ray, transcends through these layers, creating a connection between our natural body and our physical body. 

  • It will allow energy and information to flow more freely from and to both ends. 
  • It is equally vital that you understand that letting your mind override your intuition will also have a negative karmic impact on your life.

Having Intuition Welcomes Wisdom

Often these two goals stand out when people want to practice crystal healing: 

  1. Is clearing your aura of the negative mental energies from yourself and other people, and 
  2. Is to gain clarity about your true nature and purpose in life. 

Aiming to have a clear vision of yourself both internally and externally while minding other people’s significance in your life – no matter how little a part they’ll play in it – is the path to wisdom. It is said that a fool will only be able to walk backward while a wise man can go wherever he pleases. It is better to be sensible than a blundering idiot. 

Assemble indigo beads and use them while meditating to attune your subconscious with it.

Clarity Of Mind With Indigo Healing Crystals

Indigo will help you gain better mental control, more creativity, expanded mental capacity, and have peace of mind. It will also help you respond accordingly, even in extreme situations, because you will have a clearer mind than most people, and you will less likely panic. 

If you’ve been in one of those emergency training like in the boy scouts or the Red Cross, then you must probably still remember how they tell you to focus on what you need to do and have a healthy state of mind. Most people will faint or go hysterical at the sight of blood or large wounds or injuries on people who have been in an accident; that’s why they tell you this as a precaution. 

With the indigo crystals and your practice of gaining intuition, you will be able to overcome any fear or trauma because you have an open mind.

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