Gemstone Feng Shui: Agate Healing Crystals

Agate Gemstone: A Semi-Precious Stone Used In Feng Shui And Fine Jewelry

When we think about gemstones, we immediately picture them on jewelry and embellishments. Over time, people have discovered that gemstones aren’t just accessories but that they also have mystical influences on our mind, body, and soul. Each gemstone is uniquely composed of natural chemicals and minerals that emit vibration frequencies. These vibration frequencies radiate in coherence with our body’s vibrations. Not all gemstones are alike; they are used differently for apparent reasons. Today we dwell on a gemstone that is popular in the market and is effectively used in Feng Shui.

Agate is a gemstone variety of silica and banded chalcedony under the Quartz family that commonly occur in volcanic and metamorphic rocks. Physically, this gemstone is soft and waxy, and occasionally transparent but most of the time translucent. It is considered as the birthstone of those born in May and June, or with those with Gemini as their zodiac sign. In Feng Shui, the black Agate or the onyx and the blue one reflects water; the green Agate symbolizes wood; the yellow Agate represents metal. In ancient Babylon, this gemstone was used as a healing amulet and ornament.

Albeit its low vibration frequency, it still has a significant influence on harmonizing the surge of emotions, raising consciousness, building self-confidence, averting lightning and storms in physical and metaphysical form, balancing yin and yang, attaining full mental and physical strength, and filtering the negativity out of a person’s system. Agate deposit is bountiful in countries like Brazil, The United States of America, Mexico, India, Poland, Botswana, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Agate gemstones are popularly used on jewelry as they are significantly inexpensive and readily available in all parts of the world. When processed and cut, the Agate is perfect as beads on necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. The Agate gemstone comes in multiple colors and therefore can be used as a centerpiece or a complimentary stone on beautiful pieces of jewelry, explaining the market’s demand for it. It is a popular gemstone for children as an amulet to carry around or an accessory to wear for accessory to wear for protection Agate is a much-desired ornament on knife handles, jars, and the like.

At times, it is also used to make small figurines and animal carvings. It is believed that when one wears this gemstone to work, it aids in harvesting inherent, innate talents. The Agate is powerful for those in the banking industry and those who hold positions that involve accounting.

It is recommended to wear an Agate bracelet on your right hand to enhance absorption of positive energy.

Agate’s popularity in Feng Shui is rising as it initially elevates the chances of attaining change. You can place the Agate gemstones in any part of your home. For more specific purposes like health and wealth, place the blue lace Agate in the East and Southeast bagua (feng shui energy map of any space) areas of your home. For love, marriage, and fertility, the nourishing fire agate should be positioned in the Southwest bagua. Place it on the center of the house to promote harmony within the home and on the West bagua are for the benefit of the children. Agate Feng Shui amulets come in turtle, Pi Yao, crystal, stone, and the universal heart shape design.

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