Malachite Meanings, Metaphysical And Healing Properties

Malachite Meaning And Uses

Malachite is a vibrant green colored gemstone. This beautiful stone is thought to have derived its name from the Greek words malache or malakos with the former meaning resemblance to Mallow Leaves and the latter meaning soft.

Malachite Meanings - Malachite Healing Properties - Healing Crystals & Gemstones For Transformation

Malachite Meanings

Malachite is considered as a protection stone offering protection from both physical dangers as well as protection from evil. It is also a transformation stone which helps us deal with the evolving changes in life. Also, it is associated with material possessions and brings individuals increased fortunes and wealth. Caution is, however, given when handling it as it is extremely toxic in its raw form and should never be ingested or placed in direct contact with the skin while in this form.

Malachite Healing Properties

Malachite is known to contain several healing properties. First and foremost is its physical healing energy which enables it to heal quite a several ailments. It is associated with helping solve problems resulting from the menstrual cycle, such as painful cycles and irregular cycles. Due to the stone’s diuretic properties, it can be used to treat gall and kidney stones effectively.

Other diseases that can be treated with Malachite include epilepsy, asthma, and pain resulting from rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Also, it is also useful in lowering blood pressure, enhancing the working of the immune system as well as promoting detoxification of toxins from the liver.

Malachite also possesses emotional healing energy. For people who suffer from anxiety attacks and depression, this is the gemstone to embrace. This is because it can help release deeply hidden emotions so that the individual can evaluate them and their significance to present-day issues and problems. Such hidden emotions could be as a result of past traumatic situations that the individual had been unable to cope with at the time of occurrence, for example, incidences of sodomy or rape during childhood.

Malachite is also known for its spiritual and mental healing energy. These two energies are manifested differently in different individuals based on their diverse needs. They match individual needs with individualized solutions, for example, some one’s personal need could be to turn wishes to reality while for another it could be to assist in cleansing destructive thoughts from their subconscious mind.

Also, Malachite also possesses metaphysical properties. These properties include its ability to absorb negative energy and other toxic substances from our environment and hence offering us protection from them. It is also useful in absorbing dangerous radiation energy which is emitted by many of the electrical appliances in use today.

Malachite is also useful when one is looking for something more profound than just a cosmetic remedy for problems. This is because Malachite helps you get to the root of a problem, gives you the perception to be able to interpret the situation correctly and the ability to make decisions on lasting solutions to the problem.

Benefits from Malachite can be reaped by either applying the stone to the affected body part, such as an aching muscle or an infected wound. The stone then absorbs the illness and allows you total relief and healing. It can also be worn on the body as an ornament such as a pendant, necklace, or earing. A talisman or amulet can also be made using it to help ward off bad energy.

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