Rose Quartz Meanings, Metaphysical And Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Meaning And Uses

Rose quartz comes from the macrocrystalline quartz family. It belongs to the group of quartz with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs’ hardness scale and exists in abundance in many parts of the world. Its color lies between light pink and red. This color is attributed to the presence of little amounts of iron and titanium. The appearance is majorly transparent or translucent. It exists in coarse lumps or refined pieces and hardly takes a particular shape. Refined quartz has a cat’s eye property typically. It is a beautiful ornamental crystal that is carved into spheres and small sculptures. In most cases, people refer to it as the crystal of love. It is a crystal with total love that opens the heart chakra to all kinds of affection and guides on the importance of real love.

Rose Quartz Meanings

Rose quartz carries a high amount of energy, enabling it to promote love in nearly all circumstances. It is a very peaceful and cheerful crystal characterized by tender and delicate energy, stimulating sensations of love and companionship. Rose quartz is a nurturing crystal that encourages softness, care, calmness, and acceptance and can relieve one of stress. Using it will raise your self-respect and incorporate a virtue of importance within yourself. It is an essential tool for stabilizing your mood and attitude towards things or other people. It provides a cure for arousing injuries resulting from unrequited love and traumas.

The Rose Quartz gemstone dispels cowardice, high temper, and grief. It is also believed to get rid of harmful effects such as suspicion and greed, desert, and lack of love through prior creation of personal knowledge. It can play a useful role in reconciling with family members or making up with a lover. Rose quartz strengthens the love for one and promotes a happy attitude that can serve to help overcome other sadistic beliefs around you before replacing it with a better one. It facilitates the acquisition of sympathy and complying with the necessary change required. When someone is guilty of undefined offenses, he/she can be soothed and calmed down by it.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz is beneficial in dealing with addictions, hopelessness, and overcoming of misery. Some use it to delay old age emergence and for stabilizing body weight either through weight gain or loss. Sexual inequity and psychological torture can be eased using the gemstone and enhancement of the blood flow are facilitated.

During hard times of grieving, probably following the loss of a loved one, rose quartz can be a healing mistress for it provides a healing touch. The crystal enriches the body, soul, and heart, giving hope and patience. It can be used to bring comfort to small babies by placing them beneath their mattresses so that they cannot get an opportunity to touch it and probably swallow it. Furthermore, the crystal’s amount of energy is the ideal quantity needed for babies. Rose quartz is also essential during pregnancy and in childbirth as it offers relief from headaches and general aching of the body.

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