The Meaning Of Moonstone And How To Use It

The Magical Meaning Of Moonstone: A Gemstone With Mystical Powers

It is critical to know and understand each gemstone, how they are used, and what effects they have on your purpose to properly achieve what they offer in healing and empowering. In the following, we will shed light on the Moonstone meaning and properties.

Moonstone Properties

The Moonstone gemstone is naturally produced with sodium potassium aluminum silicate and a variety of orthoclase feldspar. Its physical property, more particularly the interior light diffraction, causes visual effects and a pretty pearly sheen. This characteristic is the inspiration behind its name. The stone’s colors range from colorless to ivory to silver and blue. The Moonstone has a 6 to 6.5 hardness on the Mohs Scale. The Romans believed that the Moonstone was born from the Moon’s rays, while the Greeks associated this gemstone with their lunar deities.

From the most ancient civilizations up until today, the Moonstone gemstone is popularly used as embellishments and famous for making beautiful jewelry. The largest deposits of Moonstone is located in Madagascar, The United States of America, Australia, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, The Austrian Alps, Mexico, Norway, and Burma. The Moonstone is sometimes termed as Water Opal, Fish Eye, and Wolf’s Eye.

Moonstone Meaning

This gemstone is strongly associated with the Moon and its mystical powers, to femininity and the Mother Goddess, to the brow and sacral chakra, to water, and those with Cancer as their zodiac sign. About women in general, the Moonstone helps ease childbirth, emphasize fertility, especially at full Moon, and alleviate problems in menstruation and menopause. The Moonstone also has its benefits on men. It is a famous talisman for those who travel by water and at night, for those in long distance relationships, and for those in the medical world as it helps them in being more compassionate towards those who are suffering.

The Moonstone is excellent for those who wish to highlight their psychic abilities by placing it over the third eye chakra while meditating. This gemstone can be worn or carried to bring good fortune and safety, especially at night. It can also be placed anywhere in the house to ensure that the negativity from outside the house doesn’t affect the environment of the home and its settlers. When we dream, our inner consciousness comes alive as flashes of images from our subconscious surfaces. As so, it is advisable to place the Moonstone gemstone under the pillow to help retrieve missing pieces of the soul trapped beneath layers and layers of consciousness, and assist in attaining deep sleep for complete rest.

For those in love, this gemstone is perfect as a love and eroticism booster as it stimulates the libido and the kundalini energy. And when meditating with the Moonstone, one can access deep into the core of one’s self and elevate the soul to achieve self-actualization.

More significantly, when in contact with the skin, the Moonstone gemstone helps cure epilepsy, hormonal disorders, stomach upsets, nervous diseases, and tuberculosis, epilepsy, insomnia, and eye diseases. It can also be of big help to those suffering from depression, emotional distress, and extreme phobia.

In conclusion, besides its beauty, the Moonstone gemstone may also bring forth an abundance of benefits.

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