Top 10 Ways To Use Bloodstone For Healing Purposes

Bloodstone Meaning And Uses

Heliotrope is a mineral that means sun turning in Greek and is also termed as bloodstone. It is a variety of chalcedony in green with iron oxide in shades of red. The stone’s name is influenced by the red inclusions that appear to be blood spots. The green and red colors symbolize energy and the life force in us as well.

The bloodstone is mainly a product of India, but it has also deposited in countries like Australia, The United States of America, Scotland, Brazil, and China.

Beware of fake bloodstones as they are abundant in the market today. To determine if what you’re buying is genuine, rub it against porcelain. It should taint the porcelain with blood-red scars. In the Mohs scale, its hardness is 7.

Top 10 Healing Benefits Of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is also believed to have healing powers. There are several, but today we talk about the top ten healing remedies in no particular order offered by the heliotrope or more popularly known as the bloodstone. But take note that the bloodstone should not be used as alternative medicine but rather an addition to the treatments you are receiving to facilitate fast healing.

  1. The bloodstone is essential for those who are suffering from anemia and leukemia. It aids in purifying and fortifying the blood while supporting its circulation.
  2. The bloodstone reduces the risk of pus formation as it minimizes the number of toxins in the body and further invigorates the lymphatic system. With the help of the bloodstone, inflammations and infections are less likely to occur.
  3. It effectively detoxifies organs like the intestines, the bladder, the spleen, and the kidneys for a healthier digestive and urinary system.
  4. From ancient times up until today, people carry the bloodstone around to prevent internal hemorrhages and stop bleeding in case of injuries, especially for soldiers in constant battle. The injuries that the bloodstone eases ranges from nosebleeds to deep cuts.
  5. This gemstone is also popular in healing tumors. Some people dare to pulverize and mix it with honey and egg white to treat the said disease.
  6. At some point in history, the medieval people used the bloodstone to hasten the removal of snake venom from the body. Today, some still believe in the effectiveness of this practice.
  7. The bloodstone is also very helpful for women, especially during menstrual and menopausal stages as it eases their symptoms, and more importantly, during labor and childbirth.
  8. It, too, has visible effects on the emotional and mental aspect of one person. The bloodstone eases depression and other emotionally inflicted pain. It is believed that when the wearer regularly wears or brings the bloodstone with them, it absorbs the negativity out of the body and in exchange feeds it with vibrations that enhance emotional equilibrium.
  9. Though not commonly done, the bloodstone gemstone can also be helpful in eyesight problems.
  10. Lastly, bloodstone is also a well-known aphrodisiac. It may not be health related, but as an aphrodisiac, it may also assist in achieving fertility.

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