Unleash Your Chakra Energy With Peridot Healing Crystals

Peridot Meaning And Uses

Peridot, historically called Olivine, is a silicate mineral compounded with an (Mg, Fe)2SiO4 formula. Unlike other gemstones and crystals, it only occurs in one color, olive green. The iron content of the stone influences the intensity of its greenish glow, hence the production of stones of its species in lighter and sometimes darker shades. The largest deposits of the Peridot are found in countries including Tanzania, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Norway, Australia, Brazil, the United States of America, China, Myanmar, and Mexico.

The most significant piece, a 310-carat Peridot, was mined in Washington, DC. It weighed a whopping 62 grams. Peridot is the birthstone of those born in August. It is said to be a crystal for protection against evil spirits, for psychological growth, as an aid towards spiritual development, purifying the surge of energy in the body, obstructing negativity, and a tool to help detach one’s self from unnecessary things.

Peridot Healing Properties

The Peridot gemstone or crystal is closely linked to the heart chakra. The heart chakra, or the fourth chakra, is the center of higher consciousness, affection, and love. It is associated with organs like the heart, as its name suggests the circulatory system, the lower lung, the gallbladder, and the thymus gland. It is in the heart chakra that we attain balance, self-acceptance, selflessness, values, and ethics. Finally, the heart chakra is also the center of the chakra system itself as it connects the upper chakras to the lower chakras, equally distributing prana or chi throughout the body.

On the other hand, green is the color that symbolizes the heart chakra as it promotes harmony, health, creativity, nature, and abundance. It is the combination of yellow, or the color of the soul and blue, the hue of our spirit. This is the reason why the Peridot is one of the most effective gemstones in healing and nurturing the fourth chakra or the heart chakra. Usually, the Peridot is worn close to the heart chakra for maximum efficiency. The energy resonating from the Peridot gemstone brings warmth, power, and encourages a love for Mother Earth.

In connection to the heart chakra, the Peridot is also believed to have healing effects on the nervous system, blood pressure, and heart ailments. It is used in meditation, and rehabilitation of tired nerves brought by overworking and old age.

The color of the Peridot and its vibration frequencies that radiate in coherence with our body’s energy vibrations helps in cleaning out accumulated toxins that can be harmful to one’s lifestyle brought by unhealthy eating, drug abuse, and vices including smoking and excessive alcohol intake.

A lot of the crystal healers around the world admire the Peridot for its efficiency in balancing and awakening the idea of Universal love in a person. It is also the gemstone used on people who have difficulties in releasing themselves from physical and emotional attachment to other people or things.

It is crucial to awaken and nurture the heart chakra for those who shy themselves away from the idea of it tend to experience coldness towards others, isolation, inability to socialize, and loss of self-respect.

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