Use Reiki for More Joy & Success in your Life

Guide to Reiki, Energy Healing, Self Improvement, emotional healing and Living

“Reiki Love and Energy Effortlessly Flow continuously into us from the Boundless Abundance of the loving, providing Universe.”

“Reiki is an ancient Buddhist healing system. The energy it uses is within us all. It has to be tapped and channeled to be used. A simple reminder from a Reiki Master can open us to the infinite possibilities in our life.”

“The founder based Reiki on the following principles for living an abundant life and ultimately breaking free of our past habits and emotional scars. Reiki can also be used for relaxation; the feeling is something like a gentle massage. The effects are subtle and can change peoples moods and destructive habits. It is effortless to learn and practice.”

Be Grateful for Everything You Have Now!

What this means is when we are open to the idea of more and moving forward, growth if you like, the environment, people, places, and even ourselves allow abundance into our lives. We have to believe in achieving.

If you focus on what you do not have, that’s what you will continue to get. Be aware of the unlimited abundance around you and continuously feel the gratitude. Accept the abundance which is rightfully yours. It’s easy to complain about our lot. The saying goes I complained about my shoes until I met a man with no feet

You have a bed to sleep in. You live in a warless country. You have loved ones who love you. You have your health. You have work opportunities.

Don’t Worry 

There is a universal purpose in everything we do. If you regret past actions be thankful for the lesson it gave you and move on.

Worry is Futile it interrupts the thought process that you use to Achieve Success.

99% of what you worry about never happens. Look where you are today, how you got here. What worries never manifested, how everything worked out.

There is No such thing as Failure. 

Life is just learning, and we learn how to and how not to do things. So if you think you have failed it’s not true, you have only found another way not to do it. Persevere.

Be in control of your life. Have an I can attitude I deserve this.

Break large projects that you find daunting into steps. Take action towards what you want in life. Dream it, visualize it make it real and act on it. Make one small step towards it. The rest will follow.


Do not get Angry 

My favorite! It seems that there are so many idiots in our life that are put here to test our patience. That is precisely the point. If we are angry people, we attract others that are angry. Anger begets anger. Hey, I know it’s not easy, but we should try to catch the feeling of anger and control it recognize it for what it is. Very often, it is a flaw in our character or behavior that is reflected by another!


Stretch your Comfort Zone

Do one thing or more if you want that pushes your comfort zone. Do new things, go new places, start new projects, meet new people. Go somewhere you don’t usually go. Have fun to be outrageous. Be stupid. Nobody is going to know you.


Look after your Health!

You’ll miss your body when it breaks down so value it. Use it while you can. Keep fit and eat right. Eat more vegetables cut down on sugar and fats. Eat less meat. Meat is already dead and decayed. It takes our bodies years to digest it fully. Of course, take regular exercise. Get regular massages and Practice smiling in the Mirror!