Healing Crystals Symptom Guide


Selecting Healing Crystals By Physical Symptoms, Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Symptoms, Or Zodiac

There are several tried and true crystals listed in this book for each physical or emotional symptom. In some cases, the one that is often the most effective for that symptom is underlined, and we suggest they can most easily be combined with other crystals to increase the effectiveness.

The best guide is always your intuition. If you are strongly drawn to a stone, then try using it, whether or not it is listed below.

Be sure to see the contraindications section at the end of this section – there are only a few instances where a crystal should not be used because it could have the opposite effect on a symptom. For example, overstimulated, irritable people should not generally use Ruby as it might exacerbate their condition.

We recommend using a combination (at least 2 of a different color) of the recommended crystals to cover all aspects of a symptom. Some are higher vibration stones that address underlying emotional causes of a physical manifestation, while others are lower vibration to operate purely at the physical level. For a primer on subtle energies, see the section on crystal energy.

Combining stones can be done by selecting stones of different colors or vibrations. For example, applying pink and green to the heart area will address two underlying aspects of a condition.

The section on crystal healing gives you ideas on how to apply the crystals. It is safe and effective to combine methods. You may want to wear a crystal, have a corresponding one near your bed, and try an elixir. The more focused and intentional you are, the better the result.

It is also useful to have one very high-quality stone that is known for its strength and effectiveness in healing a particular symptom, such as amethyst for calming the mind. The stone can be put directly on the forehead at the chakra center of the mind, along with a relaxation exercise.

Cleanse and program your crystals before using for healing. The most important criteria for success in using healing crystals are a clear intention, focused mind, and relaxation into knowing that your highest good is always being served.

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