What is the aura-stick comprised of?

  • Silver is the only metal that will increase a crystal’s healing properties.
  • Garnets are the number one stones for health.
  • The sphere at the end picks up energy from all directions.
  • The wand part is one large crystal, not several glued together.
  • The pointed tip transmits the collected energy, turning negative to positive.


Before using the aura-stick, remember to:

  • Clean by burying in sea or rock salt overnight  (clean after every use)
  • Program by holding in your hand(s) and focusing your intentions.

Note: When scanning the aura, it is not as effective to scan your aura (this is like giving yourself a massage).


How to use different types of aura-sticks:


Quartz – All purpose, master healer.
  • Place the tip of the wand to your third eye (not touching). Allow the sunlight (best in the morning) to shine through the ball end. Quartz provides white light, the only color that encompasses all of the colors of the rainbow. By letting the sunlight through, the colors are polarized through the wand and out to your third eye, where the colors disperse to their corresponding chakras.
  • Hold the wand sideways in your right hand. Focus your intent to cleanse your patient’s aura. The patient should be relaxed and breathing properly. Scan the auric field, sweeping away negativity from the whole aura.


Aventurine – Abundance

Program for any kind of abundance you desire, i.e., wealth, health, intelligence.

Scan the patient’s aura with the programmed wand. Deprogram if using on someone else or programming for another purpose.


Rose Quartz – Love

Scanning the aura with the rose aura-stick provides patient with love energy, self-love, love for others. It attracts love energy into their lives.


Amethyst – Spiritual

Amethyst wands provide spiritual energy. It is best to scan the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras with the amethyst aura-sticks. This will increase clarity and connectivity with the spiritual world.

Note: Crystals are known to break if they absorb too much negative energy.


Once the aura has been strengthened, protected, and cleared, one is ready to absorb the healing energy of crystals.

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