Positive affirmations and positive thoughts can have a profound effect on the way you live your life, view your circumstances, and react to situations. We’ve seen it in our lives a million times, and you probably have too.

Emotions and thoughts can control us, but if we’re able to find a centered, balanced place within ourselves, we can harness the power of those thoughts and emotions to bring about positive life changes.

Imagine this simple scenario: You’re taking out the trash, and your bag breaks spewing bits of garbage all over your kitchen floor. Do you let the frustration overwhelm you as you clean up the mess? Alternatively, do you take the opportunity to turn that messy situation into a positive one?

Yes, there is a positive to every situation in life, even the messy ones like broken trash bags. That trash bag is allowing you to pay attention to. Were you in too much of a rush? Is that why the bag broke? The message is to slow down and live each moment fully. Does it happen all the time because you buy the cheapest bags possible? The message is to step back and consider how your actions are manifesting your reality. You created the messy situation on your kitchen floor, and you can create a different reality in the future. Just by buying better trash bags!

In this section, you’ll find positive affirmations on the power of positive thinking. The typical holistic mantra is, “We create our reality.” It’s time to create the life you want.



Over 175 Self-esteem affirmations to re-envision who you are.


Self Esteem Affirmations: We’ve got a ton of positive self-affirmations so you can choose the ones that resonate the best for you. It’s a big list, so we’re sure you will find the perfect one! So read on and discover that yes, you are a divine being of light, and yes, you deserve happiness, love, and positivity in your life.


  • Today I Am Capable of Handling Anything That Happens
  • I Am In Control of My Life Story
  • I Am Attracting Great Things into My Life
  • I Am Confident and Strong
  • I am Supported by the Universe
  • I’m Worthy of True Love
  • I Have High Self Esteem
  • I Feel Good About Who I am
  • I am a Unique and Priceless Person
  • I Deserve to Have a Great Life
  • My Life is Wonderful
  • I Love Myself
  • I Am Worthy
  • I am a Happy, Positive Person
  • My Worth as a Human Being is Unconditional
  • I Am a Divine Being of Light
  • I’m Capable of Creating and Maintaining a Great Life
  • I’m Capable of Changing My Life for the Better
  • I’m Worthy of a Great Life
  • My Family Loves and Supports Me
  • My Friends are Always There For Me
  • I Am Creative and Interesting
  • I Am Perfect Just the Way I Am
  • I Can Change My Life Story Whenever I Want
  • I’m Worthy of Being Treated Well
  • Today I Am Strong
  • Today I Am Happy
  • Today I Am Confident
  • I am Beautiful Inside and Out
  • I am Creative
  • I Am Intelligent
  • I Am Attractive
  • I Am Interesting
  • I Am Unique
  • I am a Unique and Priceless Person
  • I Have a Good Circle of Friends
  • I am a Caring Person with Lots of Friends who Care about Me
  • I am Extremely Successful in all of my Ventures
  • I Accept and Rejoice at My Individuality
  • I Can Trust and Rely on Myself
  • I Am Unconditionally Loved by the Universe
  • I Accept Myself for Who I Am
  • I am Fully Competent and Capable
  • All of my Accomplishments are Because of My Actions
  • I am Respected and Well-Liked by all the People That I Know
  • I Respect Myself, I Respect Others, and Others Respect Me
  • I Can Trust Myself Completely
  • People Like to Be Around Me
  • I Create My Reality
  • I Can Say No to Other People
  • I Have Healthy Personal Boundaries
  • Everyone is Special, Including Me

20 Crystals Will Help Boost Your Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Confidence

  1. Rhodochrosite
  2. Orange Calcite
  3. Tangerine Quartz
  4. White Previous Opal
  5. Carnelian
  6. Cinnabar
  7. Spirit Quartz
  8. Carnelian
  9. Cavansite
  10. Citrine
  11. Labradorite
  12. Lapis Lazuli
  13. Sunstone
  14. Rose Quartz
  15. Moonstone
  16. Sodalite
  17. Blue Chalcedony
  18. Hematite
  19. Clear Quartz
  20. Golden Beryl

Prosperity and wealth consciousness for tapping into divine abundance.


Wealth Affirmations: We’ve provided you with an abundance of affirmations for prosperity so you can choose the ones that resonate the best for you.

Wealth Crystals: Each of these crystals listed are known to attract wealth, prosperity and success into your life. See which money crystal speaks to you the most!

We have compiled the list of wealth healing crystals along with affirmations to include a variety of belief systems so that everyone will find the perfect one! So read on, and enjoy a more prosperous life starting today.

This section starts with our personal top favorite abundance affirmations, then follows on with a large list of many more.

Top 30 Prosperity and Abundance Crystals:

Crystals for Attracting Money, Prosperity and Luck
  1. Peridot – Money Stone
  2. Garnet – Crystal for Prosperity
  3. Topaz –Crystal for Business Success
  4. Citrine –removes negative blockages, shifts mindset, ultimate wealth manifestation
  5. Moss Agate –brings abundance and wealth in all forms, helps with the acquisition of wealth
  6. Ruby –for good fortune
  7. Jade –Crystal for Fortune and Wealth, new business success
  8. Labradorite –Protection from Money-Loss
  9. Sapphire –Gain back your Lost Wealth
  10. Malachite –Stone for Money
  11. Clear Quartz –Crystal for Job Interview and Deal Signing Luck
  12. Amber –Attract Money, Prosperity, Luck and Wealth
  13. Pyrite-crystals for prosperity, remedy financial hardship
  14. Tiger Eye-crystals for wealth, successful leadership
  15. Green Aventurine –Have fun with money, manifest wealth
  16. Sunstone -gemstones for abundance
  17. Blue Kyanite -crystals for money
  18. Amethyst -gemstones for prosperity
  19. Turquoise -stones for wealth
  20. Rose Quartz -gems for fortune
  21. Petrified Wood and Wooden Beads -crystals for Luck
  22. Red Coral -gems for attracting prosperity
  23. Orange Fire Opal -for Financial Security
  24. Jet -Protects finances
  25. Black Tourmaline -gemstones for Luck
  26. Malachite –the lucky money stone
  27. Green Calcite – an abundance stone
  28. Amazonite –a “Stone of Success and Abundance”
  29. Orange Aventurine –a stone of fortune, good luck, and a manifestor of new possibilities
  30. Purpurite –the “Salesman” stone; removes the negativity that prevents closing a sale
  1. I Live in an Abundant Universe
  2. Prosperity Surrounds Me
  3. I Attract Money and Wealth into My Life Every Day
  4. The Riches of the Universe Come to Me Easily
  5. I am Flowing on a River of Abundance
  6. I Gratefully Accept Abundance from the Universe
  7. I Am Blessed with Prosperity
  8. I am Easily and Effortlessly Attracting Wealth into My Life
  9. I Make Great Money Doing What I Love
  10. I Have More than Enough Money for My Financial Needs


  1. I am Prosperous and Free
  2. Abundance Flows into My Life
  3. I Have an Abundance of Business in My Life
  4. Money Appears in my Life Unexpectedly
  5. I am Joyous with Prosperity
  6. I Love Money and Money Loves Me
  7. For the Highest and Greatest Good, I Manifest Prosperity into my Life
  8. I Gratefully Accept Abundance from God
  9. I Enjoy Financial Freedom
  10. I am Independently Wealthy
  11. The Universe Provides for all of my Needs
  12. Abundance Flows into My Life Every Day
  13. Money Comes to me in Waterfalls of Abundance
  14. I Accept the Prosperity of the Universe
  15. Divine Guidance is Drawing Prosperity into My Life
  16. I Make $5,000 a Week
  17. I Am Wealthy
  18. I Am Prosperous
  19. I Am Abundant
  20. I Am Financially Free
  21. I Am a Success
  22. The Money in My Life Increases Every Day
  23. There is Enough Abundance for Everyone, Including Me
  24. I am a Money Magnet
  25. I Attract Prosperity and Wealth
  26. Divine Guidance is Creating Wealth Opportunities for Me


Daily weight loss affirmations for finding the trim, healthy person inside of you.

Daily Weight Loss Affirmations: We’ve got an abundance of affirmations for achieving your ideal goal weight. There are tons of choices here so you can choose the ones that resonate the best for you. So read on, and enjoy a healthier, sexy body starting today.

  1. Exercise Makes Me Feel Beautiful
  2. The Extra Weight is Vanishing from my Body
  3. My Tummy is Flat, and My Tushie is Firm
  4. I will Succeed in Creating the Body I’ve Always Wanted
  5. I Am a Happy, Healthy Size 8 (insert your goal weight)
  6. I Am Blessed with a Healthy Body
  7. I am Easily and Effortlessly Losing Weight
  8. I am Beautiful, Healthy, and Sexy
  9. Getting in Shape is Easy
  10. Every Day I Get Slimmer and Slimmer
  11. It Feels Incredible to have a Toned Body Again
  12. I Create an Abundance of Energy and Health every time I Work Out
  13. Exercise Makes me Feel Powerful, Beautiful, and Strong
  14. Divine Spirit Wants me to be Healthy and Fit
  15. I Love My Healthy Body
  16. I am Willing and Committed to Transform my Body
  17. I Deserve Healthy Food and a Healthy Body
  18. I Love Being Sexy!
  19. Healthy Food Tastes so Good
  20. Every Time I Exercise I Enjoy it More
  21. I Enjoy my Life Because of my Healthy Lifestyle
  22. It’s Time to Be Happy and Fit
  23. I Nurture Myself by Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  24. I’m Ready for my Body to Transform
  25. My body Looks Better Today
  26. I am Lean, Firm, and Strong
  27. I am Grateful for the Ability to Be Active
  28. As I Strengthen my Body, I Strengthen my Self-Esteem.
  29. Getting in Shape takes Ten Minutes a Day
  30. My Weight Loss is an Inspiration to Others
  31. I Enjoy Wearing My Skinny Clothes Again
  32. I Love to Show off My Incredible Body
  33. I Feel so Good when I Eat Healthily
  34. Getting in Great Shape is Easy
  35. I am a Success in Health, Life, and Love
  36. My Whole Life is in Balance
  37. Carrots are Yummy
  38. My Body is My Best Friend
  39. I am Always at My Ideal Weight
  40. I Lose Weight Every Day
  41. My Ideal Weight is Easy to Maintain
  42. I Honor and Respect my Body Fully
  43. I Eat Small Healthy Meals Every Day
  44. I Eat Only When I Am Hungry
  45. I Easily Stay at my Ideal Body Weight
  46. I Can Eat Treats Occasionally and Still Lose Weight
  47. I Have an Ideal Relationship with Food
  48. I Lose Weight Easily
  49. My Body is Aligned to its Perfect Size
  50. I am Losing Weight, and it Feels Wonderful
  51. I Eat Consciously
  52. I am a Beautiful Divine Being of Light
  53. My Body tells Me When I’m Full
  54. My Spirit Guides are Helping me Lose Weight
  55. I Love my Body
  56. I Love my Thighs
  57. I Love my Tummy
  58. I Love my Booty
  59. I Vibrate at a Frequency of Perfect Weight
  60. I am Free of Cellulite
  61. I am Smooth and Toned
  62. I Honor my Body

Once the aura has been strengthened, protected, and cleared, one is ready to absorb the healing energy of crystals.

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