Christ Consciousness Tones



This spiritual tone uses frequencies that will unlock states of higher learning, spiritual knowledge, and harmony with oneself. Christ Consciousness lets you experience a higher consciousness — the consciousness of higher Self, transcendental reality, and become closer to God.

This Christ-consciousness healing frequency is very therapeutic and best when used with headphones. You can purchase this tone separately or save big with both our spiritual healing tones or master collection, but hurry (SALE ENDS SOON).


Using Christ Consciousness Healing Frequencies: Let’s you condition your mind and reach a Higher Conscious State easily and quickly. Our Christ Consciousness healing frequencies are tuned to bring you into a state of harmony, spiritual knowledge, and Higher Learning.

What Are Christ Consciousness Healing Frequencies? It does not relate to the personality of Christ. Christ Consciousness is a state of mind; it is an understanding that there is a universal and omnipresent force.

To get the best results, choose an environment that will be free of distractions both during and immediately after using the tones.

Breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are all great ways to precede a session. These techniques will help with the relaxation and detached awareness that will promote a better mind and brain entrainment experience.


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