Lucid Dreaming Isochronic Tones



Transcend into a deeper sleep state with lucid dreaming healing tones. Let your mind unfold through the powerful energy of the healing frequencies designed to trigger lucid dreams. Spanning 100 minutes long and with 3 audios in this sound therapy collection utilizing isochronic tones, these frequencies are perfect for channeling your inner psyche, communicating with your subconscious mind, and becoming one with your environment while reaching a higher state of consciousness.

These mental healing tones are very therapeutic and are best when used with headphones. You can purchase each tone separately or save big with our collection, but hurry (SALE ENDS SOON).


What Are Lucid Dreaming Healing Frequencies? Lucid dreaming is known as the ability to observe and/or control your dreams consciously. Conscious awareness of being in a dream helps transform your inner dream world into a live alternate reality where everything you see, hear, feel, taste, and even smell as authentic as real life.

Using Lucid Dreaming Isochronic Tones: Enables the conditioning of your mind and communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. These frequencies heighten your state of consciousness, bringing you to a state of bliss, spiritual knowledge, and Higher Learning. Whether you’re dealing with nightmares you want to control or feel you’re out of sync with what you desire versus what’s happening around you, these lucid dreaming frequencies will change your life for the better.

To get the best results, choose an environment that will be free of distractions both during and immediately after using the tones.

Breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are all great ways to precede a session. These techniques will help with the relaxation and detached awareness that will promote a better brain and mind entrainment experience.


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